Why the name "Flovo"
FLOating Virtual Object
How do I get the app?
You can get it from google play store here. iOS version is not available for now.
What is the minimum requirement for using app?
Flovo require at least Android 4.0. The app has been tested to work on device running on Snapdragon S4Pro with 2GB of RAM. However, your experience may vary heavily as the app rely on other aspect such as sensor quality and camera specification (such as camera FOV) which are generally not specified by the manufacturer.
What is the current state of the app?
The app is currently under heavy development. You can say that it is still on 'alpha' state. There could be some bugs.
I keep getting "GPS Accuracy Too Low" notice.
The app rely heavily on your device's GPS accuracy to determine the position of objects around you. To helps with this issue:
  • Turn on Wifi even if you are not using it. Smartphone can use nearby Wifi AP to helps with location accuracy.
  • Make sure you smartphone have a line-of-sight with the sky (ie, outside).
Why is further virtual object appears on top of closer real object?
Normal smartphones do not have the ability to capture depth information from the camera. Therefore, Flovo can't determine if a virtual object should appear on top of or behind a real object. However, it tries it best to simulate depth with various other technique.
How do I contact you guys?
Email us at flovoapp@gmail.com.